Centre for Vascular Anomalies

Cliniques Universitaires St Luc

Brussels, Belgium



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Coordinator: Prof. Gaston Verellen


Prof. RomainVanwijck (vanwijck@chir.ucl.ac.be)
Dr. Laurence M. Boon (boon@chir.ucl.ac.be)
Prof. Benoit Lengelé (microsurgery)
Prof. Gaston Verellen
Prof. Christiane Vermylen (vermylen@pedi.ucl.ac.be)
Dr. Geneviève François
Prof. Pierre Mathurin (mathurin@rdgn.ucl.ac.be)
Dr. Franck Hammer (hammer@rdgn.ucl.ac.be)
Dr. Pierre Goffette
Dr. Philippe Clapuyt (clapuyt@rdgn.ucl.ac.be)
Dr. Christine Saint-Martin
Prof. Jean-Marie Lachapelle(lachapelle@dpro.ucl.ac.be)
Dr. Anne-Christine Bataille
Prof. Patrick De Potter
Prof. Michele Detry-Morel (detry@ofta.ucl.ac.be)
Dr. Antonella Boschi
Prof. Jean-Jacques Rombouts (rombouts@orto.ucl.ac.be)
Dr. Pascal Poilvache
Prof. Marc Hamoir (hamoir@orlo.ucl.ac.be)
Prof. Robert Verhelst (verhelst@chir.ucl.ac.be)
Dr. Michel Van Boven (vanboven@anes.ucl.ac.be)
Dr. Philippe Pendeville (pendeville@anes.ucl.ac.be)

Secretary: Dominique Vangeebergen

phone: +32-2-764 1403
fax: + 32 - 2- 762 6284



phone for appointments: +32-2-764 1920




During these clinics, Dr. Fr. Hammer is also available for doppler and ultrasonographic expertise in adult patients.


Once a month on a Tuesday afternoon involving a pediatrician (Prof. G.Verellen),
a plastic surgeon (Dr. L.M. Boon) and a dermatologist (Dr. A-C. Bataille). Dr. Ph. Clapuyt and/or Dr. Ch. Saint Martin are also available for doppler and ultrasonographic expertise.
Next clinics scheduled:
October 26, 1999
November 23, 1999
For appointment, please call: +32-2-764 1920


Background of our Center:

For ages, patients with vascular anomalies have been "nomades";sent from one physician to another, due to old and unclear classification.In 1989, Drs Mulliken and Glowacki developped a new classificationbased on clinical, radiologic and histologic criteria. This classification,accepted by the XIth International Society for the Study of VascularAnomalies in Rome (June 1996), divided vascular anomalies into2 major entities: vascular tumors, in which nascent hemangiomais the most common, and vascular malformations that can be dividedinto different types, depending on the vessels involved in thedysmorphogenesis.

Table 1: Classification of VascularAnomalies

(according to the XIth International Workshop on Vascular Anomalies,Rome 1996)



 (Nascent) hemangioma

 Arterial malformation

 Congenital hemangioma

 Capillary malformation

 Kaposiform hemangioendothelioma

Lymphatic malformation

  Venous malformation

 Combined malformations


Due to their complexity, these disorders should be treatedin a multidisciplinary center. Our Center, created in 1991 byProfessor Romain Vanwijck, was the first one in Belgium. The Centeris in constant collaboration with the Vascular Anomalies Centerat Children's Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston that wascreated by Dr. John B. Mulliken, an expert on Vascular Anomalies.Dr. Laurence M. Boon spent a 2 year training period in his centerin 1993-95.

Our Center in St Luc not only involves all necessary clinicaldisciplines (see list of members above) but also basic researchperfomed in collaboration with the Laboratoryof Human Molecular Genetics (Dr.Miikka Vikkula, Christian de Duve Institute(ICP) ). The researchis focused on the etiopathogenic mechanisms causing vascular anomalieswith the final goal being the discovery of more efficient and/orcurative therapies (www.icp.ucl.ac.be/vikkula).


Clinical Interests



Our Center works in active collaboration with DrMiikka Vikkula and his Laboratoryof Human Molecular Genetics, Christian De Duve Institute,Brussels.


Staff meetings:

Every 6 weeks, a meeting for physicians from Cliniques UniversitairesSaint Luc and from
elsewhere is organized to discuss the more problematic patientsand to keep
informed on research. The meeting is held on a Thursday from6 to 7.30 PM, room
Debaisieux, level -1 in Cliniques Saint Luc.

Next meetings will be held on the following dates:
September 9th, 1999
October 28th, 1999
December 9th, 1999
January 20, 2000
March 2, 2000
April 13, 2000

For more information, or if you would like to have a discussionon a patient at the meeting, please contact the secretarial office(phone: +32-2-7641403; fax: +32-2-7626284; email:boon@chir.ucl.ac.be).