Laurence Poh digiscoping....Stephane has asked me to write a few words of introduction to his homepage. I am most honoured by this request. 

Stephane, I and about 20 other persons around the world are a new breed of bird-watchers / photographers who have been nicknamed “digiscopers”. These photographers shoot with modern megapixels digital cameras through spotting scopes. The combination of the digital camera and the scope magnifies the image to the power of over 2000 mm lens equivalent of the conventional 35mm film format. Birds photographed this way are candid and natural. Even for shy birds, no hide is required. 

I wish him success with his homepage and that you will bookmark this page and come back often to learn the ‘tips and tricks’ of digital scope photography, view his new photo additions, articles and links. 

Laurence Poh. 

* Note to the reader:

Laurence Poh, digiscoper and friend to many, passed away peacefully this morning, 19 September 2004 at 4:30am. He had pancreatic cancer.