Focusing the Coolpix/telescope combination
by Kees Bakker and Stéphane Moniotte

This page is accompanying the main text written on focusing by Yves Leduc. Here we present practical examples of some tests made to improve our skills when focusing the scope and then the camera. Click on each picture for larger views.

Question: Should we use of the LCD on the camera for focusing? 
This method gives very poor results. I know some people use the "Focus Confirmation" option for Manual focus, which may help.

Q: Should we use the camera's auto focus?
In most of the cases this will produce acceptable results. Only with disturbing back- or foreground - the camera may pick the wrong subject to focus on. If you shoot at 0.7 mtr in Manual focus, using F4, this might be solved. Smaller apertures will hardly improve the depth of field because of the large lens length.

                                    A Grasswren picture where AF picks the wrong subject...

Q: Should we focus the scope with or without glasses?
It all depends on how good your eyes are. Kees conducted a test with a friend (who does not wear glasses, but Kees do). They both focused the scope (Kees took his glasses off) and took a picture. The one Kees's friend took (on the left) is much sharper. Kees now focus the scope with his glasses on and this seems to give better results. Similarly, I wear contact lenses, I always got better results with my lenses on than without any correction.