While you're certainly aware of the increasing quality of digital cameras, you probably don't think they are really there yet. However, for A4 size, high-tech digital cameras currently produce publishing quality results. And it is not just the camera that produces sharp pictures... 

I go through a whole process in the "digital darkroom" to come up with the pictures you see. I have plenty of horrible shots as well - I tend to shoot a lot just to get one good one. Afterall, digital film is 'free'.

While the shareware Paintshop Pro is excellent for basic functions and for general viewing and has an internal browser which can be very useful, my favorite software remains Adobe Photoshop. It allows fantastic digital and photo-editing: improvements of the original files, including picture cropping and fine-editing, sharpening, luminosity and contrast control, and includes several web-oriented tools. The range of functions and power of some of the algorithmic processes in this
software are tremendous. I'll try to describe here the most usefull features in the next future. 

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