Tips and tricks: Improving "poor" pictures
by Laurence Poh

I would like to show what you can do to salvage a poor shot. I have this photo of a Brown Shrike taken from inside the house which I like very much. At the time of shooting, there was no other angle to get the green backgound in and unfortunately a potted plant branches was in between the bird and the camera. Without any choice, I took some shots.

Back at the computer, I carefully cloned in the green background and also cloned in the brown bit of feathers onto the bird - filling in the blanks as it were to remove the blurred branches. I had some problems with the chain links fence especially where the wires crossed. So on another day, I moved the flower pot and shot the fence again. I carefully matched the wires in contrast and colours, sized it correctly and layer placed it on top of the original photo and then flatten them. But before I did that, I had to cut out the legs of the shrike so that I can replace the legs on top of the
wires. I also have to copy the left leg from another brown shrike picture as I do not have anything to clone from. 

When everything was in place, I flattened the layers once more and saved the new pix. That is it. Done.

Laurence Poh.