One will notice that my photographic documents presented on the Internet are compressed at low resolution (Jpeg format, approximately 100 K) and obviously give poor results when printed. I encourage their electronic reproduction without restriction, as long as the photo is accompanied by a suitable mention of the photographer (S. Moniotte). 
However, the original, high resolution files of these photographs (Photoshop PSD, 250-300 dpi, 1 to 40 Mb), allow for quality printing on inkjet home photo printers in sizes of A5 to A4, depending on the cropping applied on the original picture. For hard copies, or for access to the original files, I should be contacted directly. This access might, of course, be subject to licensing.

When referencing material from this website, please use the following data:
[Name of the authors] (S. Moniotte if no other specified), [Title of the Chapter], Digiscoping and Digital Birding Website, [Year of citation] (2003).