Tips and tricks: the adaptor
by Stéphane Moniotte

My hard-working father designing the aluminium bracketThis home-made aluminium bracket has been designed to perfectly couple the Kowa TSN-1 20 X eyepiece to the Coolpix 990 objective. It can can be turned left or right, even with the camera fixed in place, to allow fine focusing of the scope when chasing a fast moving bird. More recent prototypes proposed by other digiscopers are described on an additional page on brackets and adaptors and a special adaptor for people with straight scopes is shown here. This page includes much more pictures, links and contains info on the way you can use binoculars for digital photography. A gallery contributed by the authors has also been added. 

This view shows you a detail of the simple plastic ring used to couple the scope eyepiece to the Coolpix objective. Light but efficient.

(click on each picure for larger versions)

Here is an illustrative example of the kind of result youcan  get with or without the aluminium adaptor. These two pictures of Merlin (Falco columbarius) were taken in the same conditions, one after the other, with (right) or without (left) the help of the aluminium bracket. 

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