A powerful argument in favor of the Coolpix series (Nikon) and the new Sony Cybershot DSC-F828 when scanning the market of digital photography is certainly their incredible objective allowing landscape photography as well as macrophotography with a minimal distance of 2 cm!  And this makes the 990 and successors perfect tools for insects photography... and more !

This inextensive gallery is supposed to show you the kind of picture you can produce with nothing but the camera straight 'out-of-the-box'. Most but not all pictures were taken in Belgium. Most of the species presented here are hymenoptera as we're currently evaluating the status of this family in the 'Réserve Naturelle de Sclaigneaux'. For more information about this place, and more picture, the reader is invited to visit "Entomopix", and its associated e-group.

Photographing an Andrena cinerea.
The technique used for macrophotography is certainly worth a comment. Of course, your work must be done in M-mode, to control several crucial parameters. First, we always work in Fine mode, as this provides better resolutions which allow further cropping when processing the pictures in the digital darkroom. This does not increase the depth of field per se, but as pictures are taken from a longer distance, it may contribute to improve the depth of field. Secondly, we use Aperture priority to set aperture for maximum depth-of-field to ensure sharpness of subject. Thirdly, the camera's built-in flash is turned off as the subject is usually too close to be illuminated. When available, an circular flash or additional external  flash units should be used. More details will be given here in the near future.