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Father of neurosurgery

Dr. Harvey Cushing (1869-1939), the man who was to become known as the fatherof Neurosurgery, was born in Cleveland, Ohio, USA on April 8, 1869. His father,grandfather, and great grandfather before him were all general practitionersof medicine.

Cushing is credited with creating the field of Brain surgery as a surgicaldiscipline. He was a pioneering neurosurgeon and developed many of the tools,basic techniques and procedures used in neurosurgery to this day.

The endocrine disorder named after him is obviously Cushing's Disease. Cushingachieved worldwide recognition because of his innovation, energy and skill.At the end of his career his disciples rewarded him by founding one of America'sfirst, national neurosurgical associations as the Harvey Cushing Society,now the American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS).

The accomplishments of Dr. Harvey Cushing are an inspiration to the medicalprofession. His inexhaustible energy and his painstaking attention to detailmade him a superior surgeon, author, teacher, and scientist. These traitscombined with his unyielding devotion to the care of his patients made hima legendary physician.