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Human Brain Dissections
A collection of high quality photographic images of brain and spinal cord anatomy accompanied by diagrams with labeled structures and pathways.(1)

Gross Anatomy Cadaver Dissection Waxes
High resolution images of gross dissections. Annotations detail the course of arteries, nerves, and muscles, and relationships between structures.(2)

Neuroanatomy Syllabus and Laboratory Guide
2-D MRI, tissue and gross brain, brainstem, and cranial images. Includes 3-D computer graphic reconstructions of brain material and summary drawings to introduce developmental stages and sensory and motor systems. University of Washington, Seattle. (3)

Labeled 3-D Views of Thoracic Organs at the Digital Anatomist
Schematic reconstructions from 1 mm cryosections of a cadaver specimen. University of Washington, Seattle. (4)

Neuroanatomy Image Collection at Chicago
Offers gross and microscopic views of the human brain and images of comparative animal anatomy. Covers structural and developmental aspects of the sensory system, vestibular system, cortex, etc.(

Anatomy Review
A Text, labeled diagrams, and practice questions cover the dorsal column system, the anterolateral system, the dorsal spinocerebellar tract, etc. University of Wisconsin Medical School.(6)


1. Humain brain dissection
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2. Anatomy Cadaver Dissection Waxes
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3.Anatomy Cadaver Dissection Waxes
Journal of Anatomy
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4. Thoracic Organs
American Journal of...
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5. Neuroanatomy
British Journal of....
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6.Anatomy Review
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